Monday, July 21, 2008

westside wanderings

Late night West Hollywood wanderings uncover Ashia Myers of Memoirs of a Geisha, amazing dancer from San Francisco. She's appearing in Stiltworld's stunning new show Helix at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood. Also in evidence was Swiss-Vietnamese Dance phenomenon Viet Dang en route to Lisbon.

My sis Christina the real estate lawyer in from Chitown surveying mega properties on Beverly Blvd, Pain Quotidien yields numerous brunch sightings- She was flying from the Omega-3 boost in their kick-ass oatmeal. I thought I'd ask her to find Chitown bidders for the Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel rumored to be going on auction.

Christian Heumer of the Getty back from 28-city European tour- Rumors of him starting a closet brewery in an undisclosed west-side location... The convergence of art and beer.

My new script will be an animated feature set in the Middle East, and nearing pitchable proportions. Everywhere I look is evidence of the Middle East. It must be synchronicity.

Alex's class a sensation, those lucky to get in have done some amazing work. His new site is more comprehensive beware! Mind bending hazard.

-Peter Babakitis

Santa Monica Glooowww....

Santa Monica Glow festival, very interesting to have happened upon it, but I think if I had planned to go there,I would be disappointed especially because of the hopeless efforts at crowd control. visually happy and friendly...

-Peter Babakitis

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I think these trees generate an airborne sedative...

Santa Monicat-me

Just revelling in the ocean breezes, languid loitering among the palm trees and belly button rings. Having moved down from the redwoods of Marin, this is a strange circus world of the pathologically beautiful and the terminally optomistic. Warmth abounds, and everyone is living out some fantasy. I haven't watched TV in years, but meeting people every day here is like watching TV. They are all minor actresses and writers, studio crew members and editors. It's like TV, except you can talk back to the faces and ask questions, and since no interaction goes very deep, a delightful detachment envelops it all. Talked to Kimberly Lansing over breakfast the other day, the red carpet hostess and World Poker tour MC. She told me to beware of the women in LA. I wonder what she meant? Also chatted with Winter Zoli of Hellboy and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen again. Check out (Or Czech out) here parents club in Prague: She's in the O in Ohio coming soon. Talked to Ang Lee about his new project beginning shooting in New York next month-I think this one will be funny. I always told him he had a gift for comedy. Danced with four Persian girls all night last night at Circle--Big David Yurman bling. Driving home they gave chase- I rolled down my window and one said"you're awesome!" and then they turned and sped away. My pursuit driving skills need development. Also the Prius no match for the Lamborghini, sorry to say. Britney at Villa the other night- someone please tell them about the olives(make the Grey Goose too dirty). Alba and Amadeus off to Harvard for the week researching the new Civil War film. Kelly Peach did wonders with my hair in Venice this week-so all is well on the western front...

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday in San Anselmo

San Anselmians try to negotiate the new layout; mass confusion ensues.

Monday, January 28, 2008


I spent a few hours last night watching "The Departed" by Scorcese. I get the sense of him approaching his investors who agree to give him money only if hecontinues to remake mean streets with only slight variations and more stage blood. Also that he has been assigned Leonardo De Caprio as a cellmate for the rest of his sentence, where one thinks he would be better served by a young DeNiro or Keitel, if there were any. Not to diminish the craftsmanship of all involved, which is at anexceptionally high level. But therin lies the disappointment; the subject matter of these stories don't deserve this much attention; these thugs are by nature uninteresting, and any level of artistry if it remains authentic, will always reveal the simple mindedness of the subject matter.

The Time Has Come

It's time that i start foisting my opinions on my fellow earthlings!
i usually spend hours lavishing my musings on my friend Stuart, who has among his many appetites the urge to engage in seemingy endless philosophical banter.
Well, that's all well and good, but now I think it's time for broadening the circle to include the unsuspecting-- perhaps even to include--You!